Top 5 Tech Jobs you Might get Started in 2023 for a Fruitful Career Path

Top 5 Tech Jobs in 2023

This blog post is about the Top 5 tech jobs you should consider starting right after you graduate from college or if you plan to change or kickstart a job in 2023.

Most computer science college students don’t know what to do after graduation. They usually think their only responsibility at the moment is to take classes and if they get good grades, they will get the job they want without any problem. It is not so easy!

People wanting to change careers often wonder what they should do. There are so many options nowadays that it seems really hard to decide what you want to do.

In this article (top 5 tech jobs), I want to help those college students and people who want to change careers make a decision. My goal is to explain what these careers are about so people are able to choose the one they like.

Front-End Developer:

A front-end developer is someone who builds user interfaces. He or she spends time developing the components that allow users to interact with applications. For instance, they create buttons, tables, dropdowns, and menus that allow the user to navigate an application, game, or website. It is a fun position to work in as you can see the immediate results of your contribution and you can work on making things look good.

The skills you need to be a front-end developer vary depending on the company you want to work in. But a safe bet is to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like React. It is a challenging position (not as easy as people think), but it is definitely easier to grasp than other roles like firmware engineer for example.

What I like the most about this career is that you can immediately see the effects of your creations. I love making user interfaces look pretty, and I always judge a product based on its user experience. If you are like me, I would recommend you choose this career for when you graduate or if you want to start in the tech field.

Back-End Developer:

Front-end developers build the visual aspect of a website. Back-end developers build the machinery behind a website. They build what users cannot see: databases, security protocols, server-side operations, and API endpoints.

College students should consider this position as a lot of the work will do in a computer science degree involves back-end development. In college, you will learn things like Java, C++, SQL, Python, and Linux. You will also learn useful skills from courses such as cyber security, API, and databases, so I would recommend you take advantage of that.

As for people trying to change careers, back-end development is harder to grasp than front-end because you have to use harder languages or technologies than JavaScript or HTML. Here, you deal with Java and multiple services to send data to clients. Therefore, I recommend this one mostly to computer science students who will spend 4 years learning these skills.

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Data Analyst:

Data analysts are people who use data to help a business in decision-making. They gather data with programming, find patterns, create charts, and present their findings with a presentation. Data analysts are valuable as they allow a business to understand its customers and make more informed decisions. A data analyst will help a business determine what they are doing well, and what they aren’t. For example, data analysts can gather data on the usage of a business’ website and define its shortcomings or features users don’t like.

This position is for people who love working with data and finding patterns. To me, this is a fun career. You get data from a website, clean it, and process it. Then you create charts and draw your conclusions so you can present them to your co-workers. Not only that, but it can be an introductory field for more complex areas like machine learning.

Information security analyst:

Information security analysts are people who work to gather information about the security mechanisms that protect a company’s data. For instance, an information security analyst will work on gathering data about firewalls to strengthen them; they will also work on seeing if the software is up to date to prevent a data breach. They look at possible vulnerabilities in their system and try to strengthen them.

Cyber security will be one of the most in-demand fields in the next decade as a lot of things will revolve around technologies like artificial intelligence, networks, and databases. You don’t want these machines to be hacked by an evil person or the results could be catastrophic. Imagine someone steals the data at one of Google’s data centres. That would be bad and if you choose this field you can help prevent it.

Database administrator:

Finally, a database administrator is a person in charge of managing a database’s operation and security. Some of the responsibilities of a database administrator include keeping databases up to date and creating a backup for the data.

As a database administrator, you will be able to work in many places from tech companies to banks. Almost every company nowadays gathers tons of data nowadays, and they need somewhere to store it. Consequently, they need someone to manage the place where they store that data.


Thank you for your patience. Hope these tech job ideas will help you to kickstart your career. You should consider these domains, starting right after you graduate from college or if you plan to change jobs in 2023.

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